Sweepstakes Software

Sweepstakes Software (RoboForm)

Autofill forms for free with this sweepstakes software. Roboform fills in forms you want filled in, instantly, with a click. OR… you can set it to fill in forms automatically with your pre-supplied info (which you can change anytime). NO cost.


Download: RoboForm for free.


RoboForm is a form filler that fills in all forms you encounter (order forms, job applications, product registrations, sweepstakes entries, etc.).

This software is free.

Why retype the same info over and over again? Stop wasting your time.


With this form filler, anytime you want a form filled in, you simply click a button. The form will be filled in instantly with your PRE-supplied info (which can be changed anytime). You can type over any info on the form, if you wish.

So, you can see how helpful this will be when it comes to entering sweepstakes. You will end up entering many sweepstakes, and increase your odds of winning big payoff sweepstakes.

Download this powerful form filler. It takes under a minute to download.

  • The software pretty much installs itself. You simply click a couple of boxes.
  • It’s very easy to use, as well. Simply wander through the menu to get familiar with the tool and all its powerful features.


  • This is NOT a demo or a trial but a complete form filler program.


  • Roboform is a time management tool that does not bog your system down.


Roboform is a form filler that will instantly fill in any form you encounter with a click of a button (including job applications, order forms, product registration, sweepstake entry forms, etc.).

The company that creates the software, Siber Systems, Inc., was founded in 1995. Roboform was developed in 1999 and is continually updated (about once every quarter).

Download this form filler, Roboform, for free!