Free Sweepstakes FAQ

“How do I increase my luck?”

There are many ways. For starters, please bookmark our free sweepstakes blog as we will delve into the subject.

It pays to keep an open mind, with regards to getting lucky. Be willing to believe things, that while they might sound a tad kooky, it doesn’t hurt to abide by them.

“What will help me enter free sweepstakes fast?”

Sweepstakes software is the answer! Roboform fills in sweepstakes entry forms (and all other forms), instantly. Now, entering free sweepstakes will be a breeze.

This form filler is free. It autofills forms with one click.

The download of RoboForm takes only 1 minute.

“Can you recommend some sites I definitely should visit and bookmark?”

Please see our sweepstakes resources page.


“How Do I Contact You?”

Oh, dear, don’t do that! Just kiddin. Smoke signals – talk about free communication. No, actually you can reach us here.