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This free sweepstakes blog lists direct links to free to enter cash sweepstakes, vacation sweepstakes and car sweepstakes. Plus, you’ll also snag sweepstake and luck generating tips. Also, form fill software.

For starters, you should download sweepstakes software so you can enter sweeps with one click.

It takes only 59 seconds (less if you have a fast connection) to download it. It’s very easy to install – it installs itself, really. It’s very easy to use. Pretty much self-explanatory. Simply spend a minute viewing the options on the menu.

  • Wherever possible, we list links that will take you right to the entry form, saving you time and effort (which ultimately enables you to join the maximum number of sweepstakes).


  • All listed sweepstakes are free to join.


  • You’ll receive tips to help you “get lucky”.

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Chris James, Editor
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